Montreal, the Beekeeper

In 2015, Alexandre Claude spent some days on the roofs of the city with two different teams of beekeepers : Alveole and the Miel Montreal cooperative.


Tadoussac's Expats

Many visitors are seduced by the magic of the the little town of Tadoussac, to the point of making it their home. In this series, Alexandre Claude presents 14 portraits of 14 people who decided to dramatically extend their stay in Québec's whale capital.


Who are those cyclists

In this series of dramatic portraits, Alexandre Claude explores the identity and motives of different types of cyclists riding the streets of Montreal.

Peruvian child workers united

In 2013, Alexandre Claude sided journalist Clémentine Hillaret in the peruvian quest of reporting on the unionization of child workers.

One day carpenter

Exterior flash photography portraits of 2014 Reshack Bellastock epehemere architectural festival's participants.



In this black and white series, Alexandre Claude documents the day to day life of the northern cree reserve,

Melon heads

Alexandre Claude asked a bunch of people what their favorite vegetable or fruit was. You can then figure the rest.